Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Beginning of a Beautiful Greenthumb...

After a trip home to Christchurch this past week I returned to Melbourne with a new goal to complete by the end of the school holidays.  And today I completed it... TICK!
I have some pictures and news about Christchurch and how it is looking these days, six months on from the huge earthquake that rocked it in February this year.  But that stuff, albeit interesting, is also kinda depressing, and i'm not in the mood for depressing today!  So I will share that stuff later.  Back to my goal...
As I went to visit various friends in Christchurch I noticed a few things about their homes that I took away with me.  They were all lucky enough to enjoy living in spacious properties with huge back yards and miles of storage space.  Now I don't know about you, but since the day I turned 30 storage has meant everything to me... I'm kinda in love with the stuff. 
Some of my friends owned their houses and others were renting, but the difference between living in a huge metropolis like Melbourne, and in a smaller city like Christchurch is certainly evident.  Don't get me wrong, I love our little townhouse 4kms from the centre of Melbourne, but we just don't have the space that is available in Christchurch. 
Now for my goal.  Along with the large backyards I soon discovered that every single one of my friends was partaking in... Gardening!  Shock horror.  It's not that weird, I know, but they were all so into their wee veggie gardens - toiling away, tending with care, drinking less (or more?) beer.  I got jealous. 
So today I did my research, visited Bunnings (with two trollies and a lot of muscle needed) and created my Wine Barrel Garden.  LA had been talking about building some containers for veggies for a while now, he also mentioned attaching them to the fence, or on a pulley system....   when I realised that wasn't going to happen this century but Spring surely is going to creep by us, I had to act.

   My three half wine barrels, filled with some gravel in the bottom for drainage.

The loot.

My attempt at planting garlic - some cloves bunged in a pot - we'll see!?

My master plan!  I researched long and hard to ensure my veggies were

I used these little gems to power-up the potting mix that I put into the barrels.

The little green beauties waiting to go in.

The finished product. 
Left barrel:  White Zucchini, Silverbeet and Beetroots.
Middle barrel:  Tomatoes, Basil, Capsicum (seeds) and Rocket.
Right barrel:  Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Spring Onion (seeds).
Tub at front:  Mint and Coriander. 
Plus random Marigold that didn't fit, bought to ward off bugs. 

I checked several websites so that I kind of knew what I was doing...sort of....  It was a chunk of money to spend and I want to get it right!  The best walk through I found was here - Thanks Kim. 

I will keep you all updated on my wee garden's progress!  Now just to remember the watering...


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