Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hi Hello and Welcome!

Here I am!  The time has finally come for me to launch my own blog, after a very long time following others and refining exactly what makes a 'good blog' in my own mind.  I guess I have decided that my own life may actually be interesting enough to others to make them want to read! 
So, these are the things I hope to post on my blog, A Brilliant Blue:
  • My persuits in a healthy life - workouts, new health product reviews and new healthy recipes.
  • Food that may not fit under the classification of healthy! -New recipies that are worth sharing, restaurant reviews in Melbourne, market finds!
  • Photos of Melbourne life - cafes, expos, markets, nature - basically wherever life takes us.
  • Snippets of the gold I see everyday as a Kindergarten teacher in Thornbury, Melbourne.
  • Travel, when this occurs -mainly back to Christchurch, New Zealand at present to see my Mum.  After the recent earthquakes in my birth city I have found the need to keep up to date on the goings on there. 
I am excited to see how my blog will develop and the other things that I find myself wanting to add!  Happy reading!


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