Saturday, 10 September 2011

Let's Start with Breakfast...

Morning all! 
After a big night on Friday at our house watching New Zealand play Tonga in the first game of the Rugby World Cup 2011  me and LA had a rather quiet recovery day yesterday.  This morning we got up to make ourselves a nice breakfast and settle in to watch more Rugby, this time Australia vs Italy.  Gutted that we aren't back home in NZ for the festivities, but I am going back to Christchurch in two weeks time, so I hope to catch some of the hype then.  Anyway, back to breakfast!
Scrambled eggs with green chili, tomato, basil and feta and Baked Beans on Multigrain.

LA asked for eggs and beans and I was going to make my homemade beans but the cupboard was bare of Kidney beans unfortunately.  So readymade it was.  I scrambled the chopped chili and toms in a pan, then added the eggs to scramble them.  Feta was crumbled over the top.  Delish! 

Other stuff to do today:
-Checkout the Nike Training Club app on Itunes.
I'm hoping to get it to work on my PC as I have an Android phone and the app only supports Apple devices currently.  It is an awesome home workout app, or so my friend B has told me!  She keeps updating her workouts on Facebook and I'm jealous!
-Possibly go to Ikea to replace some dinner plates and a broken lamp from Friday night!
-More Rugby!
Have a fantastic Sunny Sunday! 


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