Sunday, 11 September 2011

Picking a protein and packing in protein!

Morning!  I woke this morning feeling not so shabby (for a Monday) and managed to get up at 6.45am for a half and hour run.  It turned out to be 4.3kms, according to the Cardio Trainer app that I use on my phone (HTC Desire).  A bit less than usual for the time, but I did trial a new route around Kensington.  I have been trying to find running routes with less hills as they are somewhat unavoidable in our local area but I did ok today.  Its so nice to run on the flat sometimes!!
Back to breakfast of a nice dark purple smoothie to get the day started!
Frozen blueberries and a frozen banana, 1 scoop of Sunwarrior Chocolate Protein Powder and Coconut Milk/Water to get it moving.

See the cute Aladin travel cups I got from Costco?  So handy to jump into the car with, which is exactly what I did today!  They were a pack of 3 for about $20 I think.  If you haven't tried Sunwarrior protein powders, you should definately take a look.  All the flavours are raw, vegan and derived from Brown Rice - super natural.  I got mine delivered with no delivery fee from Sunwarrior Australia.

I'm writing this post on my lunchbreak from work - I get an hour at the Kindergarten I work at.  I promise to tell you all about my job and how amazing the children are one day soon - that is completely another post!  Have a fantastic day everyone!


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